Neuroethics: An Introduction with Readings (Hardcover)

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By Martha J. Farah (Editor)
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Neuroscience increasingly allows us to explain, predict, and even controlaspects of human behavior. The ethical issues that arise from these developmentsextend beyond the boundaries of conventional bioethics into philosophy of mind, psychology, theology, public policy, and the law. This broader set of concerns isthe subject matter of neuroethics. In this book, leading neuroscientist Martha Farahintroduces the reader to the key issues of neuroethics, placing them in scientificand cultural context and presenting a carefully chosen set of essays, articles, andexcerpts from longer works that explore specific problems in neuroethics from theperspectives of a diverse set of authors. Included are writings by such leadingscientists, philosophers, and legal scholars as Carl Elliot, Joshua Greene, StevenHyman, Peter Kramer, and Elizabeth Phelps. Topics include the ethical dilemmas ofcognitive enhancement; issues of personality, memory and identity; the ability ofbrain imaging to both persuade and reveal; the legal implications of neuroscience;and the many ways in which neuroscience challenges our conception of what it meansto be a person.Neuroethics is an essential guide to the most intellectuallychallenging and socially significant issues at the interface of neuroscience andsociety. Farah's clear writing and well-chosen readings will be appreciated byscientist and humanist alike, and the inclusion of questions for discussion in eachsection makes the book suitable for classroom use.Contributors Zenab Amin, OfekBar-Ilan, Richard G. Boire, Philip Campbell, Turhan Canli, Jonathan Cohen, RobertCook-Degan, Lawrence H. Diller, Carl Elliott, Martha J. Farah, Rod Flower, KennethR. Foster, Howard Gardner, Michael Gazzaniga, Jeremy R. Gray, Henry Greely, JoshuaGreene, John Harris, Andrea S. Heberlein, Steven E. Hyman, Judy Iles, Eric Kandel, Ronald C. Kessler, Patricia King, Adam J. Kolber, Peter D. Kramer, Daniel D.Langleben, Steven Laureys, Stephen J. Morse, Nancey Murphy, Eric Parens, SidneyPerkowitz, Elizabeth A. Phelps, President's Council on Bioethics, Eric Racine, Barbara Sahakian, Laura A. Thomas, Paul M. Thompson, Stacey A. Tovino, Paul RootWolpe

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ISBN: 9780262062695
Publisher: MIT Press (MA)
Publication Date: August 1st, 2010
Pages: 379