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Written by a leading authority, this book is a comprehensive and definitive guide to advertising that incorporates a vast amount of research and expert opinion. It draws upon the evidence to establish principles that can be applied to achieve successful and effective advertising and evaluates all of the relevant attributes and aspects of this.

About the Author

J. SCOTT ARMSTRONG (Ph.D. from MIT in 1968) is Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where he has been teaching advertising since 1968. He has been a Visiting Professor in Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, UK, France, Australia, South Africa, Spain, and Argentina. In 1994, for example, he was the Hakuhodo Advertising's Visiting Professor in Tokyo. He is the founder and director of, which received the 204 MERLOT Award for the "Best Internet Site in Business Education" A 1989 study ranked Armstrong among the top 15 marketing professors in the U.S., and in 2000 he received the Society for Marketing Advances Distinguished Scholar Award. By one count, he is the most frequently cited professor in the history of the Wharton's School's marketing department. His resume is available at along with full text of his papers. With collaboration from: GERRY LUKEMAN, Chairman Emeritus of Ipsos ASI, began working at what was then known as Audience Studies Inc. ('ASI') in 1963. Gerry was hired to build an advertising research dimension, and Ipsos ASI is now one of the largest advertising research companies in the world. He has been listed among Advertising Age's '100 leaders of the Research Industry, ' has been a member of the New York Economics Advisory Council, and is Chairman of the Ogilvy Awards Advisory Committee. In 2009, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Advertising Research Foundation. DR. SANDEEP PATNAIK is the Research Director at Gallup and Robinson. Sandeep has been involved with the Persuasive Advertising book since 1998. Since 2006 he has led research efforts to test the advertising principles on the nearly five hundred print ads featured in five editions of Which Ad Pulled Best. His current research interests include understanding emotional and cognitive reactions to advertisements. Sandeep also teaches Marketing in the MBA program of the Graduate School of Management and Technology, University of Maryland.

Praise For…

“I highly recommend this book to marketing and advertising professionals, educators, and researchers in these fields, and indeed anyone seeking to understand the myriad ways advertising affects our behaviors and choices… Persuasive Advertising is the handbook on effective advertising.” —Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University, Interfaces

“Professor Armstrong’s groundbreaking book is a must-read for anyone in the advertising business. In today’s hyper-connected world, getting consumers’ attention, much less persuading them, has never been more challenging. Persuasive Advertising provides the insights, research and marketplace proof to truly master the art of persuasion. All effective advertising starts with understanding consumers and what motivates them. This book provides a powerful and comprehensive compilation of those consumer truths. Buy this book. It’s marketing gold.”
—Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO & Chief Creative Officer of The Kaplan Thaler Group, Best-selling coauthor of The Power of Nice and The Power of Small

“Scott Armstrong has provided all of us with a rich handbook to guide our efforts to use persuasive advertising efficiently and responsibly.”
—Philip Kotler, S. C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University                                                                   

“Scott Armstrong has provided something deeply valuable. He's shown that persuasive advertising is not just a mystifying, amorphous art to be admired but a clear, hard science to be understood. Anyone interested in how advertising works would be a fool not to learn what this book teaches.”
—Robert B. Cialdini, Author of Influence: Science and Practice

“A unique combination of quantitative research, anecdotal evidence and common sense. David Ogilvy would have enthusiastically added this book to his recommended list for anyone in the advertising business.”
—Kenneth Roman, former Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, Author of The King of Madison Avenue: David Ogilvy and the Making of Modern Advertising and of How to Advertise.

“This fascinating collection of smart rules and when to use them is truly persuasive!”
—Gerd Gigerenzer, Director at Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin

“Research evidence about what makes for more and less effective advertising has been accumulating for decades, but there has been astonishingly little interest in synthesizing these studies to see what they collectively show—until now. J. Scott Armstrong’s Persuasive Advertising provides the only available comprehensive, evidence-based treatment of advertising effects. Because it articulates grounded principles of effective advertising creation, it promises to be not only an essential part of the toolkit of advertising professionals but also a standard reference work for scholars. Simply put, this is a landmark achievement.”
—Daniel J. O'Keefe, Owen L. Coon Professor, Department of Communication Studies, Northwestern University

Persuasive Advertising by Scott Armstrong is a landmark. It condenses almost everything that is known about persuasive communication into evidence-based principes. Each principle is a precise guideline to improving communication effectiveness, supported by detailed evidence, written in a convincing and accessible style. Persuasive Advertising will appeal to all managers who strive to improve their communication with customers. Researchers and students of branding, marketing and communication will find the book a treasure trove of ideas to learn from and build on for further research. The book is also engaging and entertaining. I found myself testing my personal ideas about communication principles and learning new things over and over again. There is no other book that comes close to Persuasive Advertising. We have come of age.”
—Rik Pieters, Professor of Marketing, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

“The purpose of the Advertising Council is to  persuasively convey information  to the American public—for the most part, via advertising—on a variety  of complex and  important issues,  from floods and fires to health and childcare.  Persuasive Advertising will prove a unique reference source and  invaluable contributor  to this process.”
—Peggy Conlon, President and  CEO, The Advertising Council

“So much evidence and insight collected with so much effort over so many years, but so little use of it.  That could describe advertising and so many other domains of management.  Persuasive Advertising remedies this problem at least for one topic by summarizing, in practical, evidence-supported recommendations, principles to increase the effectiveness of all forms of persuasive communication.  This book is a remarkable exemplar of turning evidence into action.”
—Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and co-author of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense:  Profiting from Evidence-Based Management

“In the last half century Scott Armstrong has been one of the major contributors to knowledge in the marketing discipline. He knows how to find important problems and is tireless in the pursuit of answers.  Persuasive Advertising is an exemplar of this with its 16 years in the making.”
—Rod Brodie, Professor of Marketing, University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

“Read Armstong for evidence-based specific conclusions about what works to achieve effective advertising; for simple steps in checklists based on evidence of what to do to design ads that achieve high response rates; for thorough coverage of relevant literature from 100+ years. For certain Armstrong's Persuasive Advertising is one of the top three books on advertising. CEOs, CMOs, and management performance auditors really need to put the structure in place to achieve effective advertising. Reading this book is a big step toward evidence-based accountability for advertising creative, media, and response measurement decision-making.  Time to lay to rest the myth that we can not measure the impact of creative work and media placements. Armstrong provides both the tools and evidence of how to do so.”
—Arch G. Woodside, Professor of Marketing, Boston College

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