Sidestep Catapult (Paperback)

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Poetry. "This book is so good that I keep wanting to write, 'Dear Anne-Adele Wight, I love your poems and...' No, that's not right. 'Dear Anne-Adele Wight, you change me with your poems...' No, that's silly. 'Dear poet, look what you have done to me. Leading me out to the spindly forests of inclination, barely ready for the foreign elements surging from your poetry, your poetry I am surrounded by and in love with, and live in fear of, how, do, you, do, this, to, me?' With love." CAConrad

"SIDESTEP CATAPULT is a deeply empathetic and superbly special book. Anne-Adele Wight's phrasings perform subtle critiques that articulate exigencies along social curves. Biometric cues pop up. The quotidian is presented as melting images of muted strangeness in the form of sound crystals, uremic frost, fault lines, and thyroid necklaces. Wight unravels the multiplicity of contexts that gives discursive life a present and presence." Brenda Iijima.
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ISBN: 9781609640736
ISBN-10: 160964073X
Publisher: Blazevox Books
Publication Date: September 25th, 2011
Pages: 44
Language: English