Getting Grit: A Conversation with Caroline Adams Miller and Scott Barry Kaufman

Caroline Adams Miller, a Positive Psychology expert, executive coach, and bestselling author, presents her new book "Getting Grit: The Evidence-based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose," followed by a conversation with Scott Barry Kaufman, director of the Science of Imagination Project at the Positive Psychology Center at UPenn.

Miller is considered one of the world's experts on the science of goal-setting, grit and their intersection with Positive Psychology.  

The Evidence-based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose
By Caroline Adams Miller
Grit—defined as our perseverance and passion for long-term goals—is now recognized as one of the key determinants of success and life satisfaction. So, how do we build this essential quality? “First we have to understand what authentic grit is,” writes Caroline Adams Miller. “It’s easy to mistake grit for stubbornness or self-aggrandizement. And it’s not always clear how to promote resilience and toughness in a way that builds us up instead of tearing us down.” With Getting Grit (on sale June 2017), this leading author provides a practical guide for anyone seeking to develop this powerful trait for themselves and those around them.

In this cogent and accessible book, Caroline illuminates the nature of authentic grit through examples and research—then offers self-assessment tools, daily exercises, and life tips to help us reinforce our capacity for courage and willpower Join her as she explores such topics as:
          - The key traits of gritty people
          - Why “authentic grit” elicits the greatest results
          - The three kinds of bad grit—faux grit, stubborn grit, and selfie grit
          - The role of humility, self-compassion, and spirituality in cultivating grit

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Scott Barry Kaufman is Scientific Director of the Science of Imagination Project at the Positive Psychology Center at UPenn. This research is supported by a research grant from the Imagination Institute. He conducts research on the measurement and development of imagination, creativity, and play, and teaches the popular undergraduate course Introduction to Positive Psychology. Kaufman is author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined and co-author of the upcoming book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind (with Carolyn Gregoire). He is also host of The Psychology Podcast, co-founder of The Creativity Post, and he writes the blog Beautiful Minds for Scientific American. Kaufman completed his doctorate in cognitive psychology from Yale University in 2009 and received his master's degree in experimental psychology from Cambridge University in 2005, where he was a Gates Cambridge Scholar.

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