Poetry Reading w/ Thomas Devaney & Anne Adele Wight

 Please join us for a POETRY READING
w/ Thomas Devaney & Anne-Adele Wight!

Praise for Devaney's forthcoming volume YOU ARE THE BATTERY

"When you read a Devaney poem, he is fully “there,” although to himself he is “now.” He takes you into his observations, common enough subjects of contemplation, and makes them subtle as he turns them around for you in the light of his attention. Voila, the uncommon, the camouflage reality wears. He offers a perfectly finished narrative puzzle (“How to Keep Alive”), a mental collage that really works (“The Pileup”), a wry down-to-earth Irish nostalgia without false sentiment (“One of Those Songs”). He can make a head-bending perception seem simple through care of construction (“When I Felt Free”). Exactness and restraint. Born-to-tell stuff. You Are the Battery and me, we got engaged. You’ll read this book a few times over. And come back."
—John Godfrey

"Thomas Devaney’s You Are The Battery is an intimate address to poetry, friendship, and the culture we attend to and relish in to define a sense of the inner life. His poems are “right where I was looking,” but didn’t realize I was until his poem called my attention to how the “views are miraculous,” or to his “genuine voice,” which I can’t help thinking about. His voice is embedded in the collective and stunning articulation of unfettered feelings. He builds descriptions that have a quotidian enchantment, exploring their nuanced feelings: “Our spirits ceased to brood, but the scent of the wet dog stayed on.”
Prageeta Sharma

"'All poems begin as love poems'—Thomas Devaney reminds me of this truth, and I needed to be reminded. Now I hear the keening of love in these poems of lost habitations, crooked chairs, frozen cables, corkscrewed memories, poems that have the vista of dead mountains and the intensity of dreams."
—Alicia Ostriker


“Management has taken up the notion of turning us inside out.” So claims Anne-Adele Wight’s latest collection, An Internet of Containment, which offers the reader a revolving invitation—to imagine, to envision, to dream, to question… a world where “humans are turning to metal without knowing it.” These poems break containment into speculation about a future where timeliness and timelessness fly hand in hand into the infinite. This is a chronicle of the exodus of souls. This is the scintillating moment when we all become homeless. “from here the aurora has changed color.”
—Travis Cebula, author of The Sublimation of Frederick Eckert

"What does it mean to contain?" So begins An Internet of Containment, Anne-Adele Wight's darkly beautiful rumination on the many ways human beings resist, bust open, and inevitably continue to search for their metaphorical and literal containers. Wight's unflinching depiction of a post-Earth population touches the raw edges of our darkest fears of detachment—"They talk about feeling poured out of pitchers and set loose in space"—and our heartbreaking, primal will to triumph and survive: "I slice my knuckles with a sword to show the sun I'm here." By the end of this captivating and inventive book, we've learned that to contain is human, as is to be contained, or as Wight reminds us, "a container is born not made."
—Nicole Steinberg, author of Glass Actress

Anne-Adele Wight’s An Internet of Containment brings a tender, galactic imagination to our crisis here on earth in these post-human yet irreducibly mammalian poems. That there might be “something not quite finished” at the once-molten center of our beloved home, that we might yet “approximate a tidal roar,” that we might invoke the biological even in the cold space of skeletal remnants: these poems map the lines by which we might echolocate another future long after this one collapses underneath us.
—Julia Bloch, author of Valley Fever

THOMAS DEVANEY is a poet and educator based in Philadelphia. He is a 2014 Pew Fellow and he teaches in the English Department at Haverford College. He is currently teaching a course Philadelphia: Inventing a City, for the Tri-Co Philly cohort. His book You Are the Battery has just been published by Black Square Editions. Devaney’s titles include Runaway Goat Cart (Hanging Loose Press), The Picture that Remains, with the photographer Will Brown (The Print Center), and the solo-opera Calamity Jane (Furniture Press Books). His poems have been published in BOMB Magazine, FENCE, The American Poetry Review, and Best American Poetry (2018). His poem “The Blue Stoop,” which is in conversation with a photograph by Zoe Strauss, is the adopted name of a new community literary hub in Philadelphia founded in 2018. His collection Getting to Philadelphia: New and Selected Poems is forthcoming by Hanging Loose Press, publication date July 4, 2019.

ANNE-ADELE WIGHT’s most recent book, An Internet of Containment, was published by BlazeVOX at the end of 2018. Her previous books, all from BlazeVOX, include The Age of Greenhouses, Opera House Arterial, and Sidestep Catapult. Anne-Adele has read extensively in Philadelphia and other cities and has curated readings for two long-running poetry series. Her work has been published internationally in print and online and includes appearances in Apiary, Philadelphia Poets, Luna Luna, Bedfellows, Oz Burp, and Have Your Chill.


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Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 2:30pm to 4:00pm
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