Skewed: A Critical Thinker's Guide to Media Bias

Join us on Sunday, November 12, at 1 pm

for a reading and discussion of Skewed: A Critical Thinker's Guide to Media Bias with author Larry Atkins.

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In a media landscape dominated by advocacy news networks pushing competing points of view, how can the average person uncover the truth about any particular issue? This book will show you how to separate the facts from the agenda-driven spin and selective presentation often used by such news sources as Fox and MSNBC.

The author describes the goals of advocacy journalism—i.e., journalism that transparently advocates a biased worldview—and shows that it has been a part of our history since the 1700s. He assesses the role of talk radio, cable news networks, and the more recent phenomena of special-interest blogs, websites, and citizen journalists in creating the current media climate. 

While conceding that advocacy journalism is undoubtedly popular and has some positive aspects, the author also points out its many negative features. Perhaps the most important of these is its polarizing effect on society.

Skewed will give readers the tools to critique the media, to see both sides of any issue, and to become better informed citizens and voters.

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“It’s not surprising that as a media literacy advocate I believe Skewed is an essential read. With the information overload we experience daily, there has never been a more important time to reflect on bias, polarization, and objectivity in journalism. Skewed takes us on a deep dive into these issues, which are vital to our democracy today. It asks important questions and makes us think about the news we consume and create. I hope this book sparks conversation in every classroom in the United States.”
—MICHELLE CIULLA LIPKIN, executive director, National Association for Media Literacy Education

Author LARRY ATKINS is a journalist, a lawyer, a columnist, and a university journalism professor. He has written over 400 articles, Op-Eds, and essays for many publications and is a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Commentary Page, as he has written over 75 Op-Eds since 1993. He is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and the publicity director of the Philadelphia Writers Conference. He wrote a Chapter on Op-Eds for The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing (St. Martin's Press), and he is author of "Larry the Liberal Lawyer Lashes Out", a best of collection of his Op-Eds. Among the topics he writes about are Journalism, Education, Media Issues, Politics, Law, Technology, Current Events, and Social and Ethical Issues in Sports. His website is .    

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Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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130 S. 34th Street
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